Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snow White

"I used to be Snow White--but I drifted."
Mae West

Okay, fine. I wasn't exactly the most beautiful, but I was definitely very fair. The sun seemed to have very little impact on this. I attribute this to my obsession with sunblocks whenever I was out in the sun. SPF 30? SPF 50? No, nothing less than Sunplay's SPF 130 would do for me.

Motherhood and other commitments soon left me with scant time to obsess with this; Even slathering on sunblock pre-makeup became a chore. My nightly affair with my body lotion soon became a weekly tryst. Even then, it was a hurried one. Those precious minutes were reserved for my beloved bundle of joy.

It was only when my once crystal clear complexion started misbehaving that I panicked. Acne (argh!), acne scars, scaly elbows, and dark spots galore on my arms. And poor, poor hands! What had I done to myself?

Till this day, I am paying the price for my negligence.

I repent...

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