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Frequently Asked

Who are you?Why do you blog?
I am a Singaporean mother, with an obsession with skincare, and love beautiful things. I started blogging many years ago to record my thoughts and feelings. As time went by, I became busier, and had less time for blogging. Fast forward a few years later, happily married with a lovely boy, I rediscovered my love for writing, and started this blog as an avenue for me to share beauty information, sincere(mostly skincare) product reviews, as well as the occasional rant, as well as my thoughts and feelings. Pretty things (or what I think are beautiful) sometimes make an appearance  in this blog too.
Why are there no/few pictures of you or your family?
Well, it is not that The Belle is a monster that wants to hide. More importantly, my family members are private people, so I have to respect their wishes.  With modern technology nowadays, it is easy to steal photos and do the unthinkable.  So, photographs of me are posted only when necessary.

I want to discuss about the possibility of guest posting/ I wish to link to your blog, how do I go about it?
Please send me an email, or leave me a comment, and I will get back to you on the details.

I love DIY recipes! But Crystal Belle, how long can they last? I don't want to harm my skin by using products past their prime!
The Belle acknowledges that home made products normally do not last as long as store bought as preservatives are not used. As a rule of thumb, keep DIY products in the fridge. Make small amounts to ensure freshness, and throw out anything that starts to smell or look strange.  (Also, patch test any new recipes, especially for sensitive skin!)

Crystal Belle, where did my comments go?
Sometimes, the comments are sent to the spam folder automatically for some reason. However, as long as the comments are genuine, the Belle welcomes them, and will publish them accordingly. The Belle would like to thank you for taking the time out to post your comments, they are very much appreciated. As far as possible, I will try to reply to them as soon as I see them. Do let me know if you need an answer but somehow your comment does not appear, or is not answered. Thank you for your patience! 


The Belle welcomes collaborations with sponsors (whether via product or in monetary form) Please send me an email to iceangellblue@hotmail.com, or leave me a comment with contact details, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you for your interest!


  1. hi where do u buy KAMINOMOTO?

  2. Hi! It should be available at your local Watson's or Guardian if you are in Singapore or Malaysia. It is also available on Ebay.

    Hope that helps!