Friday, November 29, 2013

Series 2:Essential Oils: Grapefruit

Since I started off this series with lemon essential oil, I thought it fitting that I should follow up with one of its cousins: Grapefruit.

Grapefruit is a well known diuretic, that helps in fat burning and detoxing, and is even said to help prevent cancer. There have been animal studies that show that limonene helps prevent stomach, liver, colon, as well as skin cancer. This substance is found in citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, and of course grapefruit. In a study by Brigham Young University, an 80.5% cell inhibition value for skin cancer cells was shown with usage of grapefruit essential oil. Purdue University also reported a 80% regression in breast cancer carcinomas with the help of limonene, and little toxicity.

Besides the above, grapefruit also contains antioxidants, ans is an excellent astringent for oily skin. It is beneficial for acne, and is used for muscle fatigue, and helps in hair growth. At home, its anti viral and anti microbial properties also make it an excellent disinfectant. Used in aromatherapy, it also helps with depression, mental fatigue, anxiety, and stress.

Yummy Grapefruit!
So How do we use it? No issue of this series would be complete without the Belle's 2 cents worth. So here goes!

- Use 2-4 drops diluted in a carrier oil and massage to relieve tired muscles

-Add 3- 4 drops into your bathwater in the bathtub. This helps relieves stiffness of joints as well as rheumatism and arthritis

-Add a drop to your water bottle or glass of water to perk up your mind and help with stomach discomfort.  But make sure the essential oil is food grade first!

-Use in aromatherapy burner/ diffuser, diluted slightly with water to wake up the mind, and uplift the spirits. (My favourite way to use it. This also helps kill airborne germs!)

-Add 5-6 drops to 100ml of water, shake well, and use as a mild disinfecting spray.

-Using a wet cotton bud, use one drop and dab onto acne areas. (Please use with caution and dilute further if you have extra sensitive skin. Better still, do a patch test first!)

As always, use with caution on the very young, and very old, and avoid using around pets, especially felines-citrus oils are known to be very toxic to them!

Please pardon this slowcoach being so slow with updates. I am, and will be travelling rather often this holiday season, so updates are slow. But I will try my best, so please be patient with me! (Will answer to comments soon, please bear with me!)

See you back here soon, my beauties!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Time!

How have my dear beauties been? I've been in a little of a holiday mood, since my little one is on school holiday. The Belle has not been idle, however. I am in the midst of testing out products for my dear beauties.

In the upcoming posts, besides continuing with Series 2 of essential oils, the Belle will also be reviewing several new items, including a dupe of the infamous Tangle Teezer, as well as products for sensitive skin. DIY projects also work in progress!

I am going to be overseas for a few days getaway with my family, so do keep your fingers crossed for updates when I come back.

See you soon, my beauties!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Series 2: Essential Oils: Lemon Heaven

I love the smell of lemon. Mind you, I am talking about the real fresh lemon scent, not the artificial sugary lemon smell that you find in poor quality scents.Since it is not possible to keep lemon fresh for too long, the next best alternative would be essential oils.

Bright Yellow Lemons!

Besides being an excellent source of vitamin C goodness, lemon has been tested and proven to have an impact on a wide variety of ailments/complaints and the list is as follows:


As usual, the Belle will list out a number of ways you can use this nifty essential oil. Here goes!

-Aromatherapy: In a burner or diffuser. The aroma purifies the air, uplifts the mood and invigorates the mind. It also helps with concentration.

-Massage: diluted with a carrier oil like coconut or sweet almond, helps with healing the affected area.

*When using lemon essential oil topically, always avoid the sun for at least 12 hours to prevent photo sensitivity.

-As a drink: 1 drop together with a tablespoon of honey, dissolved in water. This helps with intestinal issues and helps to clear toxins from the body. (Be sure the essential oil you have is food grade!) Clear system+Beautiful skin!

-Insect bites and stings: Used on insect bites and stings, it helps prevent the possibility of infection.

-Toner:Use with caution (see note above on photosensitivity) as a spritzer, being careful to avoid the eyes-- simply add 3-4 drops to about 100ml water

-Cleaning:Mix 7-8 drops to about 100 ml water, shake well. Use to help remove grease marks as well as disinfect. (And mummies, this works great for sticker/tape glue marks and gum!)

*As always, the list is not exhaustive. But these are the most convenient ways to use this wonderful oil.

**Be careful when using around your pets, especially felines--citrus oils are especially toxic to cats. Be careful when using round the very young (below 6) and the aged.

The Belle has been plagued by a string of events at home, and I thank you for your patience and understanding for my delay in posting! I am trying hard to update soonest for my beauties. So, I hope you do not abandon me....:D

See you again soon, my beauties. Till then!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Back After a Break & Preview

The Belle is finally back after a recharge of batteries. A lot is still going on, but the belle has gotten her engine oiled and is ready to go, so get ready!

Next up will be series 2 of essential oils, which I will be touching on fruit essential oils.

See you back soon,my beauties!