Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: Shiseido Tsubaki Head Spa Shampoo

Here's the story: My much neglected scalp was crying out for help. It was itching even after (daily) shampooing, and scratching produced whitish deposits on my fingernails. And hubby (horror of horrors) started seeing the dreaded white flakes falling all over his shoulders. Hence, we decided that enough was enough and as it goes, the rest is history.

Introducing the protagonist!

Shiseido Tsubaki Head Spa Shampoo

So how did it fare? Let's find out!

-Heavenly scent (The camellia flower extract?) that is not too overpowering
-A little goes a long way-I use 2 pumps of shampoo with my normal Asience Shampoo, but with this baby, I only needed 1 pump each time to produce a rich lather
-Clean, clean scalp and hair that stays clean for a longer time (In the absence of hair products) in Singapore's humid weather.
-No itchiness-even when hair starts to feel dirty
-Does not weigh down my fine hair.
-Gorgeous, translucent bottle that allows you see exactly how much is left-we all have those days when we curse ourselves for not bringing in the new bottle of shampoo when one has already stripped down to his/her birthday suit to shower.

-A little expensive-it retails at SGD19.90 for a 550ml bottle-mind you, this is not a salon brand shampoo-but no biggie since you use less shampoo than usual
-Hair becomes a little dry and tangles more easily-again, not a big deal since the problem is easily solved with a little of your usual conditioner.

The Belle loves the stuff! I would be likely to repurchase this, unless I find something better for a reasonable price.

The Belle will be back soon with more reads, so keep your fingers crossed. See you again soon, my beauties!

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