Friday, April 22, 2011

Body Beautiful

I write this with an extremely heavy heart. Why? Because I'm FAT!

Those who tell you to love your body? Well, couldn't you like to love it just a little more, if you had a firmer stomach? Or less orange peel on your jiggly bits? Haha...

Joke aside, my quest for a beautiful silhouette has not been a short one. Elephant thighs, spare tire, name it, I've worried about it. Even to this day, my weight is a taboo topic, which I will carry to my grave. Hubby is not an exception.

I'm not overweight. But looking at the societal perception of "ideal", who, or how many, can still step out in their swimsuit without a second thought?

So What does one do? Conform. What have I done? Let me see. Diet pills:Check. Miracle creams/serums: Check. Fad diet:Check. Everything except the one thing that really works (unfortunately). Exercise.

Exercise. The dreaded word that sends shivers down my spine. Don't get me wrong. I love to exercise. I just don't like the hot sun. Being extremely prone to heat rashees, too much sun worsens the condition. So, I am left with little choice except top go to the gym. But having the nearest gym quite a few stops away from my residence, and being the queen of procrastination that I am, the future for my 'body beautiful seems bleak.

(So exercise in the evening...take a bus...blah...blah...blah...yes, I hear you...)

(Brings out anti cellulite cream. Sighs.)

(slaps self.Brings out exercise gear. Sighs again.)

Time to get off my couch. But let me finish my chocolate and TV program first...

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