Monday, April 11, 2011


I started writing this with the intention of keeping a record of my increasingly complex beauty routine.However, as I continued, I began to think: Why not share this with like minded people?So here I am...

My quest for perfect skin began in my secondary school days. Sigh, those were the days...I didn't know how blessed a teenager I was to have breakout free skin. The tiniest bit of roughness or redness would send me into a frenzy. At that time, Oxy Daily Wash and Oxy Cover were my best friends.Makeup was foreign, I didn't need it.But still, I wasn't satisfied.

Then, came Junior College and University, where late nights and long hours in front of the laptop wrecked further havoc on my panda eyes. By then, makeup had become an ally.

By the time I stepped officially into the working world,foundation was no longer optional, it was a necessity. Skincare was reduced to the bare essentials of cleansing and moisturizing.Without a shadow of doubt, the Sandman always won the battle against my weekly mask routine. He prevailed.

Then came the realization: After quitting my job, getting married, and the birth of my lovely baby boy,the period of neglect finally took its toll.Acne, dryness, and redness became the order of the day. My eye bags had morphed into hard boiled eggs. To complete the package, my previous 'eat and never gain figure'expanded. I decided: Enough is enough!'

The battle begins: HERE!

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