Thursday, April 14, 2011

Acne Warrior

Being blessed with relatively problem free skin as a teenager, simple cleanser and pimple cream did the job of upkeep for my then enviable complexion. When the mood struck, Hazeline Snow was slathered on to protect my skin.

So, one can guess, I was unprepared for the onslaught of repeated attacks. I did the worst possible: squeeze. I was determined to extract every last one of those buggers. The condition of my skin worsened, exacerbated by over zealous scrubbing.

It got to a point when someone I thought was my friend said,"If I were you, I would hided at home and cry everyday!" Gleefully. Shortly after, a well-meaning friend said to me,"Erm, girl, what happened, your skin's gone haywire...take care of your skin leh..."

After months of abstaining from makeup and squeezing (phew), my skin somehow righted itself. I blamed it on hormones. Yes, I was deluded...

The, came the arrival of my beloved baby boy. Despite the lack of time I spent on my face, it somehow took care of itself. I was glowing mother.

Alas, it was not meant to last. During the last couple of years, my old enemy snuck up on me again. As I started breaking out again, this time, i resolved to gather the knowledge I had amassed over the years as ammunition in my fight. This was not too difficult-- I was a voracious reader , and of course, a skincare junkie...okay, okay, skincare whore...

Now? I'm playing a tug of war with my acne. Breakout? Avene's Cleanance K. Scarring? Whitening masks and Clarin's whitening series to the rescue. Redness? Into the picture, dear Avene Thermal Spray and Skin Recovery Cream. Not to mention, lots of water...

To quote Lady Macbeth:

"Out, damned spot, out I say!"

From "Macbeth", by William Shakespeare

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