Thursday, January 31, 2013

Whitening Galore: Showertime!: Reviews

Bath time. A time to rub, soak and rinse off all the tension of the day, or a time to freshen up for the challenges of the day ahead. What better time to brighten up your overall complexion than your daily rub a dub?


RDL Papaya Whitening Soap with Milk

 I have used up 2 bars of this soap previously, and this is the last one remaining from my supplies. This soap, used daily, helps to lighten darkened skin to its original skin tone. Dark scars are also lightened. I stopped using it for a period of time, however, when my skin was in a bad mood--it tends to make the skin dry. It does work well, however. The tiny spots that plagued my arms due to my inconsistency in use of sunblock on the body faded (almost) to obscurity after I completed the first bar. A good product, but moisturizer afterwards is essential. I bought it for about SGD4 at a jamu shop in a shopping centre. Most jamu shops should sell it, or know where it can be found.

Next in the spotlight....

Johnson's Baby Milk Bath

Now, who hasn't  used products from this baby product manufacturing giant at some point? I share this with my boy, who loves the product too, and hence the big bottle. Now, this product is not exactly a 'in your face' whitening product. But having used it in conjunction with other shower foams, I find that this shower foam helps the skin's tan (and mosquito bite marks) to fade faster as compared to when I use other so called 'whitening' shower foams that I have tried. Skin is left subtly scented and lightly moisturized. Its effect is not very apparent, but more like "Eh? When did I get so fair?" after a period of use. Retails around SGD6.50-8.50,depending on the retailer.

As with all whitening products, use the above with patience, and do not expect instantaneous or fast results. Getting fairer is a long process.  What works for someone else may not be as effective for you, but I believe, patience will bear fruit.

More on body whitening coming up, do come back soon!

***All the products I review are bought and paid for by me, for my own use, unless otherwise stated.

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