Friday, January 11, 2013

Beauty Resolutions for 2013

I have not been taking as good care of myself as I should, so I decided to list out a few promises that I hope to keep to myself. Hopefully I can look back on them next year, and give myself a thumbs up.

As above, not in order of importance.

1)I will sleep earlier, preferably by midnight.

2)I will drink more water instead of sweet drinks

3)I will pay more attention to what I eat.

4)I will squeeze in at least an hour of exercise, twice a week.

5)I will apply sunblock not only to my face, but my body.

6)I will take care of the skin on my body as well as my face.

7)I will pay better attention to what I eat.

Our body is the only one we have, ladies and gentlemen, so take good care of it! What are your beauty resolutions?


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