Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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I love masks. Who doesn't? (What? You mean you don't?) They offer you the convenience of a mini facial treatment, right in the comfort of your own home. (Or, your preferred location.)Sheet masks, sleeping packs,clay masks--you name it, I have probably tried at least one of the variety that is available for the type. This post reviews some of my favourites for whitening. I have completed at least 2-3 boxes of each of the below masks. Here goes!

Lovemore Diamond Super White Mask

This sheet mask fits well to the facial contours. (remember, the better the fit, the better the absorption and therefore, the better the result.) Face is immediately visibly brighter and hydrated after usage. Effect lasts for a few days, and continuous usage means skin gets visibly fairer(So much, that, at one point of time, my face was visibly fairer then my neck. Lesson learnt: Leave mask on the neck for 10-15 mins after usage on the face--it is usually moist enough for that. Voila, no more strange two toned face and neck!) It also does not irritate sensitive skin.(Inexpensive, retailing around SGD7.90-SGD9.90 for a pack of 5, depending on retailer and promotions.)My current favourite sheet mask.

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

This sheet mask also fits well to the face. Face is brighter after use. The effects are not, however, as obvious as the above. I also notice that when my skin was going through a sensitive stage (Read:flaring up at any slightest provocation), breakouts were more common when I used this mask. Having said that,  however, it did leave my face hydrated and plumped, and brightening effect lasted throughout the next day. In short, it was good enough for me to repurchase several 10-pc packs (around SGD14.90? I don't remember clearly),which were also good value for money.

The Face Shop White Tree Snow Aqua Capsule Sleeping Pack 

I love this stuff. I am on the 2nd tube now. It comes in a tube, and squeezes out as a clear blue gel with capsules that release moisture when massaged onto skin. Perfect for when you are feeling lazy when mask-day approaches. (Yes, honey,masking with the right mask is compulsory, unless you are blessed with good genes, or you can't  be bothered.) Just apply right after you regular nightly skincare, and wake up to visibly brighter, and hydrated skin.Quite economical also, at SGD29.90  for a 120ML tube. So far, no irritation.

I have tried many masks over the years, and these are the current ones that work well for me and I keep coming back to... till the skincare schizophrenic in me itches to try something new.

We've taken care of the face, so coming next, are lotions and bath products to make you the fairest of them all!

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