Saturday, January 5, 2013

Review: Stiefel Physiogel Lotion

My skin has been finicky of late. Flakes, rashes, itchiness... you get the drift. Tempting as it may be to bathe my skin in my beloved Jorubi Aloe vera gel (which I use for everything), it simply isn't very budget friendly, neither is it moisturizing enough.

Attracted to the TV advertisement that promises,with its patented DMS technology, to 'repair,rehydrate, and revitalise dry skin', I did a little research. DMS, or 'Derma Membrane Structure'  technology, uses ceramide and other physiological lipids that imitate your skin's natural lipid layers. This means dehydrated skin is repaired and moisturized naturally, and itch and dryness is reduced. It also claims to lock in moisture for up to 3 days.

I put the product claims to test, and this is what I found.

-moisturizes well
-Really 'repairs' skin'. I used it on itchy, flaky skin to immediate relief that lasted throughout the day and the next. Consistent use saw my skin return to its original condition in 3 - 4 days. It also helps heal my poor boy's itchy legs which  are scratched almost to the point of bleeding to heal faster. So much that he asks to apply it, even though he dislikes the smell.
-Hypoallergenic, no coloring and preservatives to irritate sensitive skin.
-A little goes a long way. It may seem expensive, but a bottle lasts quite a while.

-The smell. But then, it disappears after awhile so I can deal with it.
-Can get a little greasy if you get over zealous about applying it.


Heaven sent for my dry, itchy sensitive skin. It works so well that my 4.5  year old boy goes around recommending it to whoever  he feels needs it. Haha...Excellent product that will sit in my holy grail list for a long, long time.

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