Friday, January 18, 2013

Review: Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil

I am not a person who likes a lot of hair product on my hair,but a few months ago, I decided my hair needed a little TLC.

Now,my hair is not exactly damaged at the time of this post, but as I was growing out the damaged parts of my hair, so that I could cut them away without looking odd,I needed something that would stop the frizz/tangling but at the same time, not weigh my super fine hair down. (Humidity is moisture. Oil seals out humidity, and retains moisture in hair.)

I was searching in the isles of one of my local Watson's for a solution to my fried hair ends (Thanks to previous bleaching) when I came across this retro looking bottle. Having heard good things about camellia oil, the vision of Japanese women with luscious, silky locks, with nary a split end came to mind. Convinced, I took the plunge.

A few haircuts and many inches of growth later, here is my two cents worth.

 -A little product goes a long way. I have used it for at least 3months, but I think I still have around half a bottle left.
-Very light, so it doesn't weigh down fine hair. The few times I over applied, it felt oily, but surprisingly, not heavy.
-Hair is well protected. with consistent everyday usage, I was no longer as scissor happy snipping off split ends.
-Tangles are greatly reduced. I can leave my hair loose when sleeping and not wake up with impossible tangles in my hair.
-Hair is silky smooth following usage as a weekly treatment.
-Multiple uses--this baby can be used as a hair and scalp treatment, as well as a styling product. Now that's a multi-tasker for you!

-Heavy glass bottle. I know the glass protects the integrity of the oil inside, but perhaps it would be a good idea to have a more ergonomic shape to help fingers slippery from the fantastic stuff inside to hold on to it.
-Dispenser. It can be tricky to get the correct amount since the dispensing hole at the top does make it rather difficult to measure the correct amount. An integrated dropper with the product could be helpful.


I do like this product. However, the packaging is rather unnerving. I am constantly afraid that I will drop it,or I will waste the product because of the dispenser. Repurchase is only a maybe for this product, because of the packaging. I would be most happy to repurchase if they came up with a better packaging for the product.

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