Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: Dermal Pearl Collagen Essence Mask

My skin has been looking rather dull and tired lately, no thanks to my terrible sleeping habits.  Masking is a great solution, but can get rather costly if you have to do it often. So, I have been on the lookout for cheap, efficient masks. This is one of those that I found during my jaunts at the local Unity Pharmacy, which cost about SGD$1 each.

Dermal Pearl Collagen Essence Mask

To be honest, I was not expecting much from this mask since it was so cheap, but I was pleasantly surprised. Here's the verdict!


-Skin is left firm, even looking, and well hydrated.
-Brightening effect lasts well throughout the next day
-Mask is well soaked with essence, so plenty was left over to mask the neck (or if you are like me, to swipe over the arms and legs as well)
-Non irritating to skin
-Very inexpensive-need I say more?


-Left a sticky after feel that didn't go away (Tip: Use it before bed, so that the stickiness is gone by the time morning comes.)
-Mask sheet somehow took a lot of adjustments before I could get it just right. (But maybe it's just my OCD at work, trying to get rid of every single bubble..haha..)

This is a definite repurchase, when the stock I bought runs out. Cheap, good value for money, and definitely does what it promises. Good fix for those on a budget. The Belle has since purchased this in other variants, so look out for the reviews coming up, after I have sufficiently tested them.

See you soon, my beauties!

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