Saturday, April 27, 2013

DIY: Tea-Tree Oil Multi-Purpose Spray

I use tea tree oil for many things- wounds, zits, rashes, infections, etc. Recently, my family has been under attack by the flu virus, and a strange case of rashes caused by goodness knows what-- so, I thought it would be good to post this recipe up. (Not one of my usual beauty DIYs, I know, but I hope it's useful!)

Here it is!

Tea Tree Oil Multi-Purpose Spray

4 drops tea tree oil (I use Thursday Plantation's-review later)
1/2 cup of distilled (Bottled) or cool, boiled water
Spray bottle

Simply pour the water in the spray bottle, add the tea tree oil, shake well (before every use), and spray away!

Tea tree oil not only helps dry up acne and pimples, but also kills acne causing bacteria. (Tip: it is also great for keeping mosquitoes and bugs away)! Use this spray on your pillows (less acne causing bacteria=fewer zits!) and bedsheets, children's toys, or spray it on a piece of cloth and give your keyboard keys a good wipe. You can also use it as an air sanitizer-just a couple of spritzes freshens the air. Just be careful to keep it out of your eyes.

I like to spray in my family's footwear to keep our feet smelling fresh and free of infections. my boy likes it on his legs before he goes to bed, since the mosquitoes at my place have acquired a taste for the poor thing's blood. (It really works!)

I find new uses for this spray every day. My friend just told me the other day she uses a diluted version of this recipe as a toner- being careful to avoid the eyes.

I hope everyone finds this post useful, especially with the attack of the flu virus that seems to be everywhere.

See you soon, my pretties!

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