Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whitening Galore: Cover Up!:Reviews

Sun protection. An integral step in our skincare routine, yet, so often forgotten. Especially in sunny Singapore where yours truly resides, neglecting protection can have devastating consequences. And no, I am not joking. (Repeat after me:UVA rays age, UVB rays burn.). Granted, we all do need our vitamin D from the sun. But, unless you are a hermit that lives in a cave, it is unlikely that you will be lacking.

So many options, which ones to choose? Here are my favourites out of the many I have tried over the years.

ZA True White Day Protector  SPF26PA++

This sunblock (face) has been a lifesaver during the period of time that my T-zone threatened to turn into an oil mine. The face stays matte and protected for hours, and makeup stays matte and perfect, with minimal blotting. It does not irritate my schizophrenic skin. I have however, since stopped using it temporarily since I noticed dry lines forming. (yes, my skin is really thirsty now). Dry skins may want to take note. Great product, nonetheless, especially for oily skins. Budget friendly!

Clarins UV Plus HP Day UVA/UVB Screen High Protection SPF40 PA+++

This sunblock (face) has a lovely light texture that spreads easily, and make up glides on after that. Mind you, I was wary of trying this since I have had bad reaction to mineral sunscreens before, so it took a little courage for me to try this out. But since it was by Clarins (Yes, I love the brand and have used products from it for years without any bad reactions. No I am not paid to say this), I took the plunge. And I was glad I did. This is now a staple in my routine that I reach for quite often. Now, if only the price was less steep...

 Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA++

  I am sure many of us are familiar with this product. It has one of the highest SPFs on the market. I always had a bottle of this sunblock in my  bag for swimming, and at the beach. This one is a clear winner--I come back from the beach or the pool exactly the same shade as when I left home. It is liquid, and spreads easily, and is dries smooth and non sticky.  The clear winner, and I have not found any sunblock that has performed as well as this so far.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of sun protection--even for those that like being tanned. (Why risk letting yourself become a skin cancer statistic?). For my dear Snow Whites, just think of it, all the work done to make yourself fairer, will go down the drain if you expose yourself to the sun without protection. (hey, long sleeves and umbrellas work too!)

***note: Sunblock on the body needs to be removed before cleansing, just like on the face!

Take care, and come back soon for more reads and some final words on whitening, and staying fair. See you soon!

**No photos here,but any requests, I will be glad to oblige. Just drop me a comment!

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