Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Looking Good, Babe!: Pig out Aftermath

With Chinese New Year, comes major pig out sessions (At least for me...) What to do if you can't fit into that favourite dress anymore? Never fear, the Belle is here to help.

What this post is not: Filled with unrealistic ideas that promise lightning quick weight loss, with unrealistic, unsustainable diets and exercise routine. If you came expecting an immediate solution... well, I am sorry, I do not have a magic wand...

What this post is: Ideas that I myself have tried and tested true over the years (Although I may not be putting them into practice now...haha...)that are easy to follow and keep up.The Belle likes things that are easily incorporated into the lifestyle.

I am an impatient person. I like seeing results quickly (Who doesn't?) and I have fallen victim to diets, pills, etc, but thankfully, no real damage was done to my health. It takes a lot to recover damaged health, and simply isn't worth it.

When it comes to shaping up, steady, sustained results should be what we are aiming for--my mantra is, if you can't make it part of your lifestyle, you won't be able to keep it up. The pounds will come creeping back sooner or later.

Enough of my nagging. Read on!


Junk Food-I am terrible at keeping to diets. I love food. Rather than abstinence from 'evil' foods, I prefer to eat them in small portions to satisfy myself, and then move on. Eating small portions of the real thing is better than substituting. (Come on, do you seriously think pastry made with margarine tastes better than pastry made with butter?) 

Sugary Drinks-Plain water is the best, but the Belle gets bored easily with plain water, so sweet drinks have become a great temptation. What to do? I keep reminding myself that sugar causes the skin to sag, so that I will think twice before reaching for that canned drink. Soups and teas are great alternatives, and it is a good thing that I do like green tea--plenty of antioxidants and good stuff in it.

Hunger-If I find myself snacking too often, I will stop and ask myself if I am really hungry, or just bored. Suprisingly, many people mistake dehydration for hunger pangs and reach for food rather than their water glass. Next time you find yourself hungry, try a glass of water instead.

Detoxing- So many people get stuck in a rut trying to cut the pounds, failing to realize the importance of detoxing the body first. Let's put it this way. Like a machine, if the body is clogged up with waste, it simply cannot function properly. Likewise, when it is clean, fat burning becomes more efficient, and pounds start to melt away. (Note:Detoxing is not crash dieting. Always consult a doctor before you start any intensive regime, especially if you have prior health problems.)


For lazybones-Exercise. Easier said than done, I know. A good idea, if you are lazy (like me), is to trick yourself into exercising. Insert it into your daily routine. For me, I walk my son to school, rather than take him there on the bus. 30 minutes to and fro, twice a day, means I do an hour of brisk walking a day, five times a week.

For the bored-Variety is key. I sometimes have little races and games with my son (provided we are not near the road or anywhere dangerous) on the way home. This way, I get exercise, and a happier kid. When The Husband is available to fetch the kid, I insert a short half an hour yoga session at home.(Note: Standing yoga positions and The Sun Salutations are good exercise for weight loss!). Remember, if you are bored, most probably, you will not keep up with the regime.

For the time strapped-For mothers, especially, sometimes, 24 hours simply isn't enough. A good idea would be to incorporated the exercise into your daily regime. Mopping the floor? Take the opportunity to use a cloth on hands and knees to do it rather than use a mop. (The floor gets cleaner too!) Wiping the windows? Alternate using the left and right hand, so that both sides get a workout. In the office? Do some dips on your office chair before you leave the office for the day. (When no one is looking, of course. Haha...) The possibilities are endless.

As I always say, and feel strongly, beauty takes time, and sustained effort. I hope I made it easier for you to work towards your dream body.

Product reviews, coming up next. Come back soon!

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