Saturday, February 9, 2013

Looking Good,Babe!: Shape Me Slender!

With Lunar New Year round the corner, whats a girl to do? There's so much to prepare, and there simply isn't any time for exercise. Hiding at home is not an option. Now, you can look slimmer immediately (although temporarily). Impossible, I hear. Now, now, let Big Sister Crystal Belle help.

1) Posture- Keep tummy tucked in, and back straight. Instantly trims the figure, and helps to tone the tummy in the long term, if you make it a habit. You also look much taller!

2)Shapewear- Corsets are a great invention. They tuck in the excess, and lift what needs to be lifted. Plus, they can become part of your outfit. But don't limit yourself. There is shapewear designed specifically to shape the waist and tummy, as well as lift your derriere. While they may not magically shrink your spare tire, they smooth out the figure for shapelier curves. If they're good enough for Hollywood stars, they're good enough for us.

3)Killer heels-A good pair of heels can do so much for your legs(and your behind). And no, wedges look good, but the effect somehow isn't the same. To minimize discomfort, look for gel cushions to relieve the pressure on the foot.

Now, some may choose the option of tanning to look slimmer.While it does help to a limited extent, the Belle does not recommend it-- a patchy tan is hard to get rid of. Even the bottled ones.

The list is not exhaustive. Feel free to share if you have any good ideas.

Here's to looking good this Lunar New Year, Babes! *clinks glasses*

In the pipeline- a post to help you shed the excess inches and pounds after all the festive eating. See you soon!

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