Saturday, March 9, 2013

Age of Beauty: You Are What You Eat! (1)Hall of Evils

You are what you eat. It seems so simple, isn't it? But yet, it is so often neglected by us.

Presenting to you, the list of common evils that obstruct you from our path towards ageless skin.

a) It is probably no secret that sugary, processed foods can be detrimental to you waistline. But, when you tell a woman (especially during one of those mad cravings) that, she may just ignore you. But if you tell her that the sugar will cause her to have sagging skin before her time, she will probably stop in her tracks. Sugar causes glycation, the result of sugar breaking down and bonding with protein, and thereby reducing the elasticity of collagen in the skin.

b) Ever seen how fast alcohol evaporates? That is what it is doing to the moisture in your body. The body suffers, and it shows on the skin. This is, however, a tough one as some alcohol may actually be good for you. A simple rule of thumb would be to limit it to one drink a day for women and two a day for men. 

c) Simple carbohydrates=Sugar=glycation. Enough said. Reach for the wholemeal and unrefined grains instead. These complex carbohydrates do not turn to sugar immediately, and instead, stay around in the system longer to provide sustained energy.

d)Saturated fats cause inflammation which in turn, causes aging. (They're not very heart friendly either.) Processed meats are high in saturated fats and nitrates, another cause of inflammation. These include your hot dogs, bacon, ham, etc. (Sad face for me.I like all of them.)

e) Any deep fried in oil-- because they are likely to be laden with trans fat--both heart unfriendly and inflammatory.

The above list is not conclusive, of course. But they are the most common evils that we consume on a daily basis, and it will do us good to avoid them. Easier said than done, I know. But you know what's good for you, my lovely ladies and gentlemen.

Coming up next, foods that restore your youth and glow. Watch this space!


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