Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: Loreal Eversleek Intense Smoothing Conditioner

When it comes to hair, I am a little lazy, believing in the benefits of benign neglect on my hair. (I know, I know I am lazy.)However, lately my scalp has been a little sensitive, and the silicones in my regular conditioner have been weighing down my fine hair, so I decided to give this conditioner a try.

Previously, I have always been cautious of trying Loreal products, not because they do not work, but  mainly due to the fact that they test their products on animals. I was delighted to find a product offering from their haircare range that does not test on animals.

Enough has been said on the negative impact of silicones and sulphates on our body, so I shall not say more. Here is the lowdown.


-Very smooth,shiny hair that falls in place nicely after conditioning
-silicone free formula does not weigh down fine hair
-Uses natural oils that nourish the hair-- silicones can dull the hair in the long term.
-Hair smells great, even on the second day.

-Smell may be too strong for those with sensitive noses.
-Comes only in tube packaging. I would have preferred a pump. But that's really no big deal, probably just me.

The verdict? Definitely a keeper in my haircare routine. My scalp itchiness seems to have disappeared. Compared to many other sulphate free haircare product ranges on the market, this one is quite pocket friendly at about SGD14.90. (I bought it at a SGD11 at my local SASA.)I am (or rather my hair is) in love with the stuff. I may try the shampoo in the same range after I am done with my current one.

My hair is behaving again and I am so happy... haha... the little pleasures in life...other reviews coming up soon. Till next time!

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