Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review: Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion

I am obsessed with whitening, I have to admit. Whitening products are essential in my skincare routine. Especially in sunny Singapore, this becomes even more crucial.Being genetically predisposed to getting spots (just look at my arms where I often neglect to slather sunblock), who can blame me?

Which is why, when Hada Labo launched its whitening range, I was delighted.(It is one of my favourite drugstore brands). Here's the lowdown.(review based on usage of 1 and a half bottles of usage.

-Easily absorbed texture, refreshing feel
-Non irritating and scent free
-Brightening effect.
-Scarring is diminished
-Budget friendly

-Not hydrating enough as compared to the original(my poor skin is very dehydrated)
-Whitening effect not obvious

The reason why I repurchased this was that it seemed to help keep the dullness at bay. While the effects are not as obvious as my beloved Clarins whitening range, it is pretty good value for money. It does not lighten your skin beyond its original skin tone, but it does give a sort of glow, with consistent usage. This may not be a product you can place all hopes on to lighten your skin, but it is a good addition to your whitening routine.

Coming next: Hada Labo Lifting+Firming Lotion

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