Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mummy's Helpers

Being a wife and a mother is a tiring job. For working mothers, even more so. Changing diapers, laundry, attending to The Husband's needs... the list goes on. So with what little time left for oneself, how does one still manage to look polished? Simple. Multi-taskers to the rescue. Here goes the list.

BB Cream- Moisturizer, Sunblock, makeup base, concealer and foundation in one. Need I say more?

Blusher-Use to add colour to a tired face, and sculpt facial features. Magic!

Aloe Vera Gel- Use as a leave in conditioner and hair gel. Voila! Shiny hair that stays in place. Can also be used on baby/toddler/adult/child/teenager for rashes, insect bites, cuts, pimples, as moisturizer...

Sleeping Mask- Just slather on after your usual nightly moisturizer. No more waiting= More sleep! (I like The Face Shop's Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask)

Stay Beautiful, everyone!

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