Thursday, July 7, 2011

DIY : Brightening Body Scrub

Most of us take good care of our face,but tend to neglect our body. Here's a recipe that will help to restore the glow to our skin. Happy bath time!

1 big handful of coarse salt
1 big handful of fine salt
Juice of 1 large lemon

-Mix coarse and fine3 salt together.
-Mix in lemon juice thoroughly without using a mixer or blender.
-Wet skin. Rub in circular motions, concentrating on elbows and kneecaps.
-Rinse thoroughly.

* Lemon juice helps to lighten darkened patches, while salt exfoliates. Coarse salt rubs away flaky skin, while fine salt smooths and polishes.

*Be sure to apply moisturizer, as this scrub can be drying. Avoid the sun as the lemon juice can cause your sun to become sun sensitive. If you really must go out into the sun, apply sunblock with a high SPF. Better still, do this scrub at night. Do this scrub weekly, and say hello to a fairer you!

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