Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Note to Everyone, From The Belle

You may have noticed that I am moderating all comments, and you now have to key in a verification code to post your comments. This is because I have been getting a lot of spam in my comments section.Please do bear with me.

If anyone has any ideas other than moderating all the comments, please do let me know.

As my place is undergoing some renovation works now (Major noise,as well as dust), updates may not be as often for this couple of weeks. But The Belle will still try to blog as often as possible.

Meanwhile, The Belle is looking for an economical (read:cheap) air purifier(s) for her dusty, tiny, cramped living quarters. The dust and germs are getting on my nerves (and to my family's respiratory system) Suggestions (maybe, even, hopefully sponsors?) are welcome!

The Belle will be back soon with useful reads. See you again soon, my beauties!

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