Thursday, June 13, 2013

Holiday-From Sunset to Sunrise

The gorgeous Malaysian scenery as I was travelling by train-pictures speak louder than words...

From going during sunset...

To coming back during sunrise...

 The road travelled during this holiday was not always smooth...

  But it was gorgeous, and worth it. Every minute. 

At first, I thought that there would be nothing much to see, since I had traveled this way to KL many times before as it was the cheapest and most economical way. But I was wrong this time.

I always thought traveling by train was torturous.  I could never sleep well but had to watch in envy as my fellow passengers snored on (and I woke up with every little noise on the train) This time round, I stayed fully awake during both ways back and forth, and was awestruck by the beautiful Malaysian scenery that I had never noticed it before the previous times I traveled by train.

Thus concludes by Malaysia trip. I shall not bore you with the details of what I ate (The Chinese stir fry, or 'tze char' , and the seafood, and the wanton noodles, and the desserts...... cheap and so good...) or the giant candy ball machine at Berjaya Times Square at which my boy squealed in delight. Or, the beautiful value for money hotel room we stayed in. Or...haha... I am rattling on, aren't I?

Time for me to hit the pillows and dream about my next trip. Take care, and see you back soon, my beauties!

(**I know you can see the reflection of my camera in some of the pictures. I left the photos intentionally unedited. Enjoy!)

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