Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review:Dermal White Collagen Essence Mask

Finally, the Belle is back. My most sincere apologies. I am glad I am (almost) back to functioning normally. More about my bout of sickness later.

Here is one of my long delayed reviews!

Dermal White Collagen Essence Mask

-Visible glow and bounciness after use that lasts throughout the next day.
-Skin feels well hydrated and soothed. Dry lines were greatly reduced.
-Non sticky after essence was patted in (tested in Singapore's extremely humid weather)

-Did not fit very well, especially the awkward slits at the nose area.

The verdict?A definite keeper in my routine! I used this after almost a week of skipping masking in favour of sleep, and the results did not disappoint. The pocket friendly price, at SGD1 , gives me even more reason to repurchase.

Thank you for your patience! The Belle will be back again soon with more reads!

See you again soon, my beauties!

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